मुख्यमंत्री मेधावी विद्यार्थी योजना के लिए कोर्सेस की सूची
S.No.Course NameBranches (& Branch Codes)Type NameDepartment NameRemarks
1 B E 3001-Aeronautical, 3002-Agriculture Technology, 3003-Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, 3005-Automobile Engineering, 3006-Bio-Medical Engineering, 3007-Bio-Technology, 3008-Chemical Engineering, 3009-Civil & Rural Engineering, 3010-Civil Engineering, 3011-Computer, 3012-Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Design, 3013-Computer Science and Engineering, 3104-Computer Science and Information Technology, 3014-Computer Technology & Application, 3016-Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 3017-Electrical Engineering, 3019-Electronic and Instrumentation Engineering, 3021-Electronics and Communication Engineering, 3020-Electronics and Telecommunication, 3018-Electronics Engineering, 3023-Fire Technology, 3022-Fire Technology and Safety, 3024-Food Technology, 3025-Industrial and Production Engineering, 3026-Industrial Electronics Engineering, 3027-Industrial Engineering and Management, 3028-Information And Communication Technology, 3029-Information Technology, 3030-Leather Technology, 3031-Mechanical Engineering, 3032-Mining Engineering, 3034-Petrochemical Engineering, 3035-Petrochemical Technology, 3036-Plastic Technology, 3092-Power Electronics, 3038-Production cum plant Engineering, 3039-Production Engineering, 3040-Software Engineering, 3100-Software System, 3042-System Software, 3043-Textile TechnologyGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Technical EducationAll Govt and Private institutions
2 B. A.1390-Agriculture-Political Science-Economics, 1529-Applied Art, 1028-Arts, 1859-B.A.Hons., 12224-Computer Application, 1526-Dance, 1530-Drama & Theatre, 1098-Economics - Geography - English, 1797-Economics - History - Political Science, 1097-Economics - Political Science - English, 1858-Economics- History - Sociology, 1857-Economics- Political Science - Computer, 1856-Economics- Political Science - Geography, 1358-Economics-Adver.&Sales Prom. -Political Science, 1359-Economics-Adver.&Sales Prom. -Public Administration , 1419-Economics-English -Statistics, 1791-Fashion Design, 1636-Geography, 1850-GUITAR, 1780-Harmoniuam, 1094-Hindi - Geography - Economics, 1093-Hindi - Geography - History, 1095-Hindi - Political Science - Economics, 1096-Hindi - Political Science - History, 1100-History - Geography - English, 1099-History - Political Science - English, 1855-History - Sociology - Geography, 1796-History-Political Science-Sociology, 1790-Interior Design, 1808-Journalism and Creative Writing, 1782-Journalism and Mass Communication, 1452-Mass Communication, 1527-Painting, 1367-Persian -Computer -Economics, 1370-Persian -Computer -History , 1369-Persian -Computer -Political Science, 1368-Persian -Computer -Sociology, 1366-Persian -Economics-Political Science, 1365-Persian -Economics-Sociology, 1364-Persian -History -Political Science, 1363-Persian -History -Sociology, 2215-Political Science-History-Pyschology, 1600-Prachya Sanskrit, 1728-Practical, 1389-Rural Banking -Political Science-Economics, 1634-Rural Development & Extension, 1537-Sanskrit, 1528-Sculpture, 1538-Shastri, 1525-Sitar, 2223-Social Science, 1524-Tabla, 1793-Tourism & hospitality, 1635-Tourism & Travel Management, 1523-Violine, 1522-Vocal, 2197-Yoga and NaturopathyGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
3 B. B. A.1029-BBA, 1271-BBA (Foreign Trade), 1273-BBA (Hospital Administration ), 1325-BBA (Hotel Management), 1381-BBA (Retail Management), 1458-E-Commerce, 2213-Hospitality, 1456-Mass Communication, 2214-Tourism, 1660-Tourism and TravelGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
4 B. B. A. (Hons.)1285-B. B. A. (Hons.)Graduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
5 B. C. A.1030-BCAGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
6 B. Com1231-Account & Tax Management, 1794-Banking & Insurance, 1032-Commerce, 1190-Commerce - Advertising, 1201-Commerce with C.A. Taxation, 1198-Commerce with Computer Application, 1227-Commerce with Foreign Trade Practice and Procedure, 1197-Commerce with Marketing and Advertising, 1199-Commerce with Office Manament and Secretarial Practice, 1200-Commerce with Principal and Practics Insurance, 1226-Commerce with Tax Procedure and Practice, 1202-Commerce with Tour.Trav.Manag., 1937-Computer, 2204-TaxationGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
7 B. H. Sc.1326-BHSc with Clinical Nurtrition and Dietetics, 1355-BHSc with textile Designing in Rural Handicraft, 2050-Fashion Designing, 1037-Home ScienceGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
8 B. J.1286-JournalismGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
9 B. J. M. C.1287-Journalism and Mass CommunicationGraduate CourseDirectorate of Higher EducationOK
10 B. Pharma6003-Bachelor of PharmacyGraduation CourseDirectorate of Technical EducationAll Govt institutions
11 B. S.W.1352-B.S.W., 2052-Community Leadership & Sustainable Development, 1385-Social WorkGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
12 B. Sc.1086-Agriculture, 1384-Aquaculture -Zoology-Chemistry , 1267-Biochemistry - Biotechnology - Chemistry, 1265-Biochemistry - Botany - Chemistry, 1299-Biochemistry - Botany - Micro-Biology, 1057-Biochemistry - Botany - Zoology, 1058-Biochemistry - Chemistry - Zoology, 1059-Biochemistry - Computer Science - Zoology, 1409-Biochemistry-Biotechnology -Food & Nutrition, 1408-Biochemistry-Food & Nutrition-Microbiology , 1342-Bioinformatics - Biotechnology - Chemistry, 1283-Bioinformatics - Biotechnology - Computer Science, 1060-Bioinformatics - Botany - Computer Science, 1346-Bioinformatics - Chemistry - Life Science, 1327-Bioinformatics - Chemistry - Zoology, 1061-Bioinformatics - Computer - Zoology, 1402-Bioinformatics -Botany -Chemistry , 1403-Bioinformatics -Chemistry -Microbiology , 1062-Biotechnology - Botany - Chemistry, 1063-Biotechnology - Botany - Computer, 1064-Biotechnology - Botany - Zoology, 1065-Biotechnology - Chemistry - Computer, 1066-Biotechnology - Chemistry - Functional Hindi, 1298-Biotechnology - Chemistry - Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 1067-Biotechnology - Chemistry - Zoology, 1069-Biotechnology - Computer - Zoology, 1269-Biotechnology - Computer Application - Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 1266-Biotechnology - Computer Application - Microbiology, 1260-Biotechnology - Life Science - Chemistry, 1314-Biotechnology - Life Scinece - Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 1268-Biotechnology - Microbiology - Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 1406-Biotechnology -Botany -Food & Nutrition, 1400-Biotechnology -Chemistry -Forensic Science, 1407-Biotechnology -Food & Nutrition-Zoology, 1439-Biotechnology -Seed Technology-Chemistry, 1070-Botany - Aquaculture - Zoology, 1071-Botany - Bioinformatics - Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 1073-Botany - Biotechnology - Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 1075-Botany - Chemistry - Computer Application, 1076-Botany - Chemistry - Geology, 1077-Botany - Chemistry - Industrial Chemistry, 1078-Botany - Chemistry - Industrial Microbiology, 1080-Botany - Chemistry - Microbiology, 1081-Botany - Chemistry - Military Science, 1082-Botany - Chemistry - Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 1083-Botany - Chemistry - Seed Technology, 1084-Botany - Chemistry - Soil Cons.&Wat.Mang, 1085-Botany - Chemistry - Zoology, 1087-Botany - Computer Application - Zoology, 1335-Botany - Geography - Zoology, 1088-Botany - Geology - Zoology, 1089-Botany - Industrial Chemistry - Zoology, 1291-Botany - Industrial Fish Fieshries - Zoology, 1090-Botany - Microbiology - Zoology, 1091-Botany - Military Science - Zoology, 1092-Botany - Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Zoology, 1404-Botany -Chemistry -Food & Nutrition, 1411-Botany -Chemistry -Forensic Science, 1395-Botany -Horticulture-Seed Technology, 1415-Botany -Seed Technology-Sericulture, 1555-Botany-Horticulture-Chemistry, 1191-Chemistry - Computer Application - Mathematics, 1192-Chemistry - Computer Application - Physics, 1106-Chemistry - Computer Science - Functional Hindi, 1107-Chemistry - Computer Science - Military Science, 1108-Chemistry - Computer Science - Physics, 1257-Chemistry - Environmental Science - Geology, 1258-Chemistry - Environmental Science - Zoology, 1109-Chemistry - Functional Hindi - Mathematics, 1110-Chemistry - Functional Hindi - Physics, 1111-Chemistry - Geology - Physics, 1112-Chemistry - Geology - Zoology, 1113-Chemistry - Industrial Chemistry - Mathematics, 1114-Chemistry - Industrial Chemistry - Physics, 1115-Chemistry - Industrial Chemistry - Zoology, 1116-Chemistry - Mathematics - Physics, 1118-Chemistry - Microbiology - Zoology, 1119-Chemistry - Military Science - Zoology, 1120-Chemistry - Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Zoology, 1417-Chemistry -Computer Application-Industrial Microbiology , 1405-Chemistry -Food & Nutrition-Zoology, 1401-Chemistry -Forensic Science-Microbiology , 1412-Chemistry -Forensic Science-Zoology, 1413-Chemistry -Seed Technology-Zoology, 1471-Chemistry, Mathematics, Applied Geology, 1472-Chemistry, Zoology, Anthropology, 1473-Chemistry, Zoology, Psychology , 1313-Chemistry- Geology - Geography, 1122-Clinical Nutrition - Chemistry - Zoology, 1123-Computer - Biotechnology - Industrial Chemistry, 1259-Computer Application - Geology - Mathematics, 1126-Computer Application - Chemistry - Zoology, 1127-Computer Application - Economics - Mathematics, 1128-Computer Application - Electronics - Physics, 1129-Computer Application - Mathematics - Physics, 1130-Computer Application - Mathematics - Statistics, 1396-Computer Application-Microbiology -Zoology, 1416-Computer Application-Seed Technology-Sericulture, 1131-Computer Maintenance - Electronics - Mathematics, 1349-Computer Science, 1337-Computer Science - Biotechnology - Microbiology, 1336-Computer Science - Economics - Mathematics, 1132-Computer Science - Chemistry - Mathematics, 1133-Computer Science - Electronics - Functional Hindi, 1134-Computer Science - Functional Hindi - Mathematics, 1135-Computer Science - Functional Hindi - Physics, 1136-Computer Science - Geology - Mathematics, 1137-Computer Science - Mathematics - Physics, 1138-Computer Science - Mathematics - Statistics, 1311-Economics - Geography - Geology, 1139-Economics - Mathematics - Statistics, 1312-Economics- Geography - Statistics, 1453-Electronic Media, 1140-Electronics - Computer Science - Mathematics, 1141-Electronics - Functional Hindi - Mathematics, 1142-Electronics - Information Technology - Mathematics, 1143-Electronics - Information Technology - Statistics, 1144-Electronics - Mathematics - Physics, 1800-Fashion Leather Accessory design, 1475-Fashion Merchandise & Retail Management, 1679-Fire Safety & Hazard Management, 1145-Fisheries - Chemistry - Zoology, 1310-Fisheries - Geography - Zoology, 1799-Footwear Design and Production, 1474-Footwear Technology, 1387-Forensic Science, 1379-Geography -Physics-Geology, 1380-Geography -Soil Cons.&Wat.Mang-Geology, 1147-Geology - Computer Science - Mathematics, 1148-Geology - Economics - Mathematics, 1149-Geology - Electronics - Mathematics, 1150-Geology - Information Technology - Mathematics, 1451-Graphics and Animation, 1478-Hospitality & Hotel Administration, 1155-Industrial Microbiology - Botany - Zoology, 1348-Information Technology, 1156-Information Technology - Mathematics - Physics, 1157-Mathematics - Biotechnology - Physics, 1164-Mathematics - Computer Science - Military Science, 1168-Mathematics - Electronic Equipment - Physics, 1170-Mathematics - Electronics - Statistics, 1171-Mathematics - Functional Hindi - Physics, 1172-Mathematics - Geology - Physics, 1173-Mathematics - Geology - Statistics, 1174-Mathematics - Industrial Chemistry - Physics, 1176-Mathematics - Information Technology - Statistics, 1177-Mathematics - Military Science - Physics, 1178-Mathematics - Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Physics, 1288-Mathematics - Physics - Still Photography, 1764-Microbiology -Biotechnology -Chemistry, 1556-Microbiology-Maths-Horticulture, 1263-Microiology - Chemistry - Pharmaceutical, 1261-Microiology - Life Science - Chemistry, 1262-Microiology - Life Science - Pharmaceutical, 1181-Military Science - Computer Science - Physics, 1450-Multimedia, 1183-Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Bioinformatics - Zoology, 1184-Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Biotechnology - Zoology, 1295-Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Chemistry - Industrial Microbiology, 1185-Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Microbiology - Zoology, 1470-Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Mathematics, Chemistry, 1424-Physics - Chemistry - Biology, 1186-Physics - Computer - Statistics, 1187-Physics - Mathematics - Statistics, 1461-Physics, Forensic Science, Chemistry , 1533-Physics,Chemistry,Maths, 1360-Physics-Computer Maintenance -Mathematics, 1467-Psychology, Geography Anthropology, 1378-Seed Technology-Horticulture-Economics, 1414-Sericulture, 1309-Soil ConservationWater Management-Botany-Geography, 2169-Transportation TechnologyGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
13 B. T. M1383-B. T. M (Bachellor of Tourism Management)Graduate CourseDirectorate of Higher EducationAll Govt. Institutes
14 B.A. (Honours)23468-Advertising & Public Relation, 23469-Journalism & Creative Writing, 23467-Mass Communication, 23489-Philosophy, 23487-SociologyGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
15 B.A. (Honours)2038-Ancient Indian History,Culture and Archealogy, 1281-Computer Science, 1232-Economics, 1233-Economics Management, 1238-English Literature, 1559-Fashion Design-Management, 1308-Geography, 1302-Hindi, 1234-History, 2001-Journalism and Mass Communication, 1280-Mass Communication, 1307-Mathematics, 1306-Music, 1305-Philosophy, 1235-Political Science, 1237-Psychology, 1303-Sanskrit, 1399-Social Work, 1236-Sociology, 1304-UrduGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
16 B.A. B.Ed.8102-B.A. B.Ed.Dual Degree CourseNational Level Institutes OK
17 B.A. L.L.B.1179-B.A. L.L.B. (Hons), 1264-Law with ArtsGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
18 B.A.LL.B(Hons.)(NLU's)5501-B.A.LL.B (Hons.)Dual Degree CourseNational Level Institutes All NLU's Through CLAT
19 B.A.Vocational1558-Computer ApplicationsGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
20 B.B.A. L.L.B.1175-B.B.A. L.L.B. (Hons), 1421-LawGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
21 B.B.A.LL.B(Hons.)(NLU's)5504-B.B.A. LL.B (Hons.)Dual Degree CourseNational Level Institutes All NLU's Through CLAT
22 B.Com LLB (Hon.)2002-B.Com LLB (Hon.)Graduate CourseNational InstitutesAll NLU's Through CLAT
23 B.Com. (Honours) 1248-Accounts, 2174-B.Com(Hons), 1418-Commerce, 1420-Computer , 1247-ManagementGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
24 B.Com. L.L.B.1422-LawGraduate CourseDirectorate of Higher EducationAll Govt. Institutes
25 B.des1493-Accessory Design, 1896-Bachelor of Design, 1828-CERAMIC ART, 2027-Communication Design, 2198-Fashion Communication, 1512-Fashion Design, 1477-Fashion Merchandise & Retail Management, 1476-Footwear Design & Production Management, 2026-Industrial Design, 1513-Interior Design, 2304-Knitwear Design, 2305-Leather Design, 1827-PHOROGRAPHY, 1826-POTTERY, 2025-System Design, 1492-Textile DesignGraduation CoursesNational Level Institutes Only National Level Institutes (NIFT)
26 B.EL.ED1798-Bachelor of Elementary EducationGraduate CourseDirectorate of Higher EducationAll Govt. Institutes
27 B.F.A.8305-Animation, 8303-Applied Arts, 8304-B.F.A., 8301-Painting, 8302-SculptureGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Culture, Govt of MPOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
28 B.F.Sc.1483-Bachelor of Fisheries ScienceGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
29 B.F.Tech.2009-Bachelor of Fashion TechnologyGraduation CoursesNational Level Institutes Email dt3.8.2019 from DTE for MMVY
30 B.M.L.T.7801-BMLTGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Medical Education 
31 B.Music8325-Dance, 8326-GUITAR, 8324-Sitar, 8322-Tabla, 8323-Violin, 8321-VocalGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Culture, Govt of MPOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
32 B.P. Ed. Graduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
33 B.P.E.7810-B.P.E.Graduate CourseDirectorate of Higher EducationAll Govt. Institutes
34 B.P.E.S2051-B.P.E.S.Graduation CoursesHigher EducationAll Govt institutes
35 B.P.T.7802-BPTGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Medical EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
36 B.PLAN.6050-B.PlanGraduation CoursesNational Level Institutes Only SPA and MANIT Bhopal
37 B.S.W. LL.B (Hons.)2200-LAWGraduate CourseNational InstitutesAll NLU's Through CLAT
38 B.Sc (Nursing)8003-B.Sc (Nursing Education)Graduation CoursesNursing Council Only Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
39 B.Sc. B.Ed.8101-B.Sc. B.Ed.Dual Degree CourseNational Level Institutes  
40 B.Sc. (Honours) 23474-Agriculture, 23473-Electronic Media, 23466-MultimediaGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
41 B.Sc. (Honours) 2159-Agriculture, 12479-Applied Statistics and Analytics, 1361-Arabic , 2335-B.Sc(Hons), 2037-Biochemistry, 1246-Biotechnology, 1315-Botany, 1371-Botany , 1317-Chemistry, 1245-Chemistry - Biotechnology, 1244-Chemistry - Food Science - Quality Control, 1243-Chemistry - Mathematics - Computer Sc., 1765-Chemistry With Computer Science Subsidiary, 2007-Chemistry with Forensic Science, 1242-Computer Science, 1239-Electronics, 2006-Forensic Science, 2008-Geography, 2168-Horiculture, 1429-Information Technology, 1241-Mathematics, 1372-Microbiology , 1240-Physics, 1316-ZoologyGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
42 B.Sc. (Horti.)1577-HorticultureGraduation CoursesAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MPOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
43 B.Sc. LL.B (Hons.)2199-LAWGraduate CourseNational InstitutesAll NLU's Through CLAT
44 B.Sc.(Ag.)1561-AgricultureGraduation CoursesAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MPOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
45 B.Sc.(Forestry)1562-AgricultureGraduation CoursesAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MPOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
46 B.Tech.9698-A.I. & Data Science, 9619-Aeronautical Engineering, 9626-Aerospace Engineering, 9636-Agricultural and Food Engineering, 9607-Agriculture , 9701-ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND DATA SCIENCE, 9681-Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 9702-ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ROBOTICS, 9609-Automobile Engineering, 9637-Bio Engineering, 9638-Bio Medical Engineering, 9639-Biological Sciences and Bioengineering, 23463-Biomedical & Robotics Engineering (Data Science), 23457-Biotechnology & Bioinformatic, 9640-Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering , 9614-Biotechnology Engg., 9641-Carpet and Textile Technology, 9615-Cement Technology, 9642-Ceramic Engineering , 9611-Chemical Engineering, 9643-Chemical Engineering (Plastic and Polymer) , 9631-Chemical Science and Technology, 9601-Civil Engineering, , 23458-Computational Engg., 9623-Computer & Communication Engineering, 9644-Computer Engineering, 9699-Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, 23481-Computer Science & Business , 23492-Computer Science & Engineering (Cyber Physical Systems), 9718-Computer Science  Engineering(Networking), 23462-Computer Science and Design, 9704-COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING(ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING), 9705-COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING(CYBER SECURITY), 9706-COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING(DATA SCIENCE), 9707-COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING(INTERNET OF THINGS AND CYBER SECURITY INCLUDING BLOCK CHAIN TECHNOLOGY), 9708-COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING(IOT), 9696-Computer Science and Information Technology, 23484-Computer Science and Technology, 9683-Computer Science Business System, 9602-Computer Science Engineering , 23490-Computer Science Engineering (Data Science and Artificial Intelligence), 9719-Computer Science Engineering(AI & Robotics), 9717-Computer Science Engineering(Data Analytics), 9716-Computer Science Engineering(Business Systems), 9697-Data Science and Engineering, 9606-Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 9678-Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, 9610-Electrical Engineering, 9710-ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (INTERNET OF THINGS), 9645-Electrical Engineering (Power and Automation), 23482-Electronic & Communication Engg. (Embedded System and Internet of Things ), 9605-Electronic & Comunication Engineering, 23476-Electronics & Computer Engineering, 9621-Electronics & Instrumentation, 9646-Electronics and Communication Engineering (Design and Manufacturing), 9721-Electronics and Communication Engineering(Embedded Systems), 9720-Electronics and Communication Engineering(VLSI), 9647-Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, 9648-Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering , 9649-Electronics Engineering, 9650-Electronics System Engineering, 23480-Energy Science & Engg. , 23479-Engineering & Computational Mechanics, 9633-Engineering Physics, 9651-Engineering Science, 9652-Environmental Engineering, 23493-Fashion Technology , 9622-Fire Technology & Safety, 9620-Fire Technology Engineering, 9653-Food Engineering and Technology, 9654-Food Process Engineering, 9617-Food Technology, 9682-Food Technology and Management, 9655-Industrial and Production Engineering, 9656-Industrial and Systems Engineering, 23459-Industrial Chemistry, 9657-Industrial Design, 9630-Information and Communication Technology, 9686-Information Science, 9711-INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (INTERNET OF THINGS(IOT)), 9603-Information Technology Engineering, 9658-Instrumentation and Control Engineering , 9659-Instrumentation Engineering, 9690-Internet of Things(IoT), 9660-Manufacturing Engineering, 9661-Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 9635-Marine Engineering, 9612-Material Science & Metallurgical Engineering, 9662-Materials Science and Engineering, 9627-Mathematics and Computing, 9618-Mechanical & Automation Engineering, 23494-Mechanical Engineering (Electrical Vehicles ), 9663-Mechanical Engineering (Manuacturing Engineering), 9664-Mechanical Engineering (Welding Technology), 9665-Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing, 23491-Mechatronics & Automation, 9684-Mechatronics Engineering, 9604-Mechenical Engineering, 9666-Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, 9667-Metallurgical Engineering , 9668-Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, 9669-Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, 9632-Mineral Engineering, 9616-Mining Engineering, 9670-Mining Machinery Engineering, 9671-Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, 9629-Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture, 9672-Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, 9673-Petroleum Engineering, 9613-Petroleum Technolgoy Engg., 9674-Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technology, 9675-Polymer Science and Engineering, 9608-Printing and Packaging, 9634-production and industrial engineering, 9676-Production Engineering, 9714-Rail Infrastructure Engineering, 9715-Rail Systems and Communication Engineering, 9625-Railway Engineering, 23485-Robotics and Automation, 9677-Smart Manufacturing, 9628-Telecommunication Engineering, 9624-Textile EngineeringGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Technical EducationAll Govt and Private institutions
47 B.V.Sc. & A.H.1480-Bachelor of Veterinary Science & A.H.Graduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
48 B.Voc1830-Agriculture Operation and Management, 1783-Automobile, 1985-Building Construction Technology, 1840-Building Technology, 1784-Fashion Technology, 1839-Food Precessing Technology, 2036-Handicraft, 1785-Interior Design, 2035-Landscape Design, 1986-Medical Laboratory Technology, 1987-Nutrition& Dietetics, 1671-Renewal Energy Management, 1670-Rural Management & IT, 1722-Software Development, 1723-Theatre, Stagecraft, Film Production and Media Technology Graduation CourseHigher EducationAll Govt institutes
49 Bachelor In Speech Therapy7815-Bachelor in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, 7803-Bachelor In Speech Therapy Graduation CoursesParamedical CouncilOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
50 Bachelor of Architecture6002-Bachelor of Architecture, 6052-Town and Regional PlanningGraduation CoursesNational Level Institutes Only SPA Bhopal
51 Bachelor of Performing Arts8397-Bharatnatayam Dance, 8307-Drama & Theatre, 8395-Guitar, 8396-Kathak Dance, 8394-Sitar, 8392-Tabla, 8393-violin, 8391-VocalGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationAll Govt. Institutes
52 Bachelor of Science9552- Mathematics & Computing, 9550-Chemistry, 9554-Earth Sciences, 9551-Economics, 9553-PhysicsGraduation CoursesNational Level Institutes All Govt institutions
53 Bachelor of X-RAY Radiographer Technician7804-Bachelor of X-RAY Radiographer Technician Graduation CoursesParamedical Council 
54 BAMS9003-BAMS (Ayurved)Graduation CoursesDepartment of AYUSHOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
55 BCA(Hons)23465-ComputerGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
56 BCA(Hons)2334-BCA(Hons)Graduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationICS Vikram Clg LtNo: 1442 Dt: 25.3.21 Only Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
57 BDS9002-BDSGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Medical EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
58 BHMS9004-BHMS (Homoeopathy)Graduation CoursesDepartment of AYUSHOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
59 BUMS9005-BUMS (Unani)Graduation CoursesDepartment of AYUSHOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
60 D. Pharma.6004-Diploma in PharmacyDiploma CoursesDirectorate of Technical EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
61 DIPLOMA [PPT]7303-Computer Science and Engineering, 7601-DMLT, 7312-Mechanical EngineeringDiploma CoursesDirectorate of Technical EducationAll Govt. Institutes
62 Dual Degree Programme12300-(B.Tech+M.Tech) Engineering Design, 12450-(BS+MS) Biology, 12301-Aerospace Engineering , 12302-Agricultural and Food Engineering with M.Tech. , 12303-Applied Geology , 12304-Applied Geophysics, 7273-Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, 23483-B.B.A. L.L.B., 23486-B.Sc L.L.B, 12468-B.Tech.- M.Tech. Integrated Dual Degree in Bio Engineering, 23478-Basic Science, 12305-Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology , 12306-Biochemical Engineering with M.Tech. in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology , 12307-Bioengineering with M.Tech in Biomedical Technology , 12308-Biological Engineering, 12309-Biotechnology , 12310-Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering , 12467-BS-MS, 12485-BS-MS (Chemical Sciences), 12486-BS-MS (Physical Sciences), 12296-BS-MS(Biological Sciences), 12297-BS-MS(Chemistry), 12298-BS-MS(Mathematics), 12299-BS-MS(Physics), 12311-Ceramic Engineering , 12312-Ceramic Engineering and M.Tech Industrial Ceramic , 12313-Chemical Engineering , 12314-Chemical Engineering , 12218-Civil Engineering, 12315-Civil Engineering and M. Tech. in Structural Engineering , 12316-Civil Engineering and M.Tech in Transportation Engineering , 12317-Civil Engineering and M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering , 12318-Computer Engineering , 12222-Computer Science Engineering, 12220-Electrical Engineering, 12319-Electrical Engineering and M.Tech Power Electronics and Drives, 12320-Electrical Engineering with M.Tech. in Communications and Signal Processing , 12321-Electrical Engineering with M.Tech. in Microelectronics , 12322-Electrical Engineering with M.Tech. in Power Electronics , 12219-Electronic and Communication Engineering, 12323-Electronics and Communication Engg. with specialization in Design and Manufacturing + M. Tech - Signal Processing and Communication Systems Design , 12324-Electronics and Communication Engg. with specialization in Design and Manufacturing + M. Tech - VLSI and Electronic Systems Design , 12325-Electronics and Communication Engineering , 12326-Electronics and Communication Engineering and M.Tech (ECE) Spl. (Micro Electronics) , 12327-Electronics and Communication Engineering and M.Tech. Bio-Medical Engineering , 12328-Electronics and Communication Engineering and MBA (Information Technology) , 12329-Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering with M.Tech., 12330-Energy Engineering with M.Tech. in Energy Systems Engineering , 12331-Engineering Physics , 12364-Engineering Science, 12332-Geological Technology , 12333-Geophysical Technology , 12334-Industrial and Systems Engineering with M.Tech. in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Management , 12335-Industrial Chemistry , 12336-Information Technology and M.Tech (Information Technology) Spl. (Cyber Law and Information Security) , 12337-Information Technology and M.Tech (Information Technology) Spl. (Human Computer Interaction) , 12338-Information Technology and M.Tech (Information Technology) Spl. (Intellegent System) , 12339-Information Technology and M.Tech (Information Technology) Spl. Bio-Informatics, 12340-Information Technology and M.Tech (Information Technology) Spl. Robotics , 12341-Information Technology and M.Tech (Information Technology) Spl. Software Engineering , 12342-Information Technology and M.Tech (Information Technology) Spl. Wireless Communication Engineering , 12343-Information Technology and MBA (Information Technology) , 7764-Integrated Programme In Management(IPM), 12256-M.C.A.(6 yrs), 12344-Manufacturing Science and Engineering with M.Tech. in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Management , 12345-Materials Science and Technology , 12346-Mathematics and Computing , 12252-MBA (E-Commerce), 12259-MBA(Foreign Trade), 12258-MBA(Hospital Administration), 12251-MBA(Management Science), 12221-Mechanical Engineering, 12347-Mechanical Engineering and M. Tech. in Mechanical System Design , 12348-Mechanical Engineering and M. Tech. in Thermal Science & Engineering , 12349-Mechanical Engineering and M.Tech. in Computer Integrated Manufacturing , 12350-Mechanical Engineering with M.Tech. , 12351-Mechanical Engineering with M.Tech. in Manufacturing Engineering , 12352-Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing + M. Tech - Advanced Manufacturing , 12353-Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing + M. Tech - Product Design, 12354-Metallurgical and Materials Engineering , 12355-Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and M.Tech. in Materials Science and Engineering , 12356-Metallurgical Engineering, 12357-Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science with M.Tech. in Ceramics and Composites , 12358-Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science with M.Tech. in Metallurgical Process Engineering , 12243-Mining Engineering, 12359-Mining Safety Engineering , 12360-Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, 12361-Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, 12362-Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technology , 12363-Quality Engineering Design and Manufacturing Dual Degree CourseNational Level Institutes Only IIM Indore
63 Integrated Master of Science23461-(BS+MS) Mathematics and Computing, 9850-(BS+MS)/(B.Sc.+ M.Sc.) Applied Geology, 9857-(BS+MS)/(B.Sc.+ M.Sc.) Applied Mathematics, 9851-(BS+MS)/(B.Sc.+ M.Sc.) Chemistry, 9852-(BS+MS)/(B.Sc.+ M.Sc.) Economics, 9853-(BS+MS)/(B.Sc.+ M.Sc.) Exploration Geophysics, 9858-(BS+MS)/(B.Sc.+ M.Sc.) Life Science, 9856-(BS+MS)/(B.Sc.+ M.Sc.) Mathematics, 9854-(BS+MS)/(B.Sc.+ M.Sc.) Mathematics and Computing, 9855-(BS+MS)/(B.Sc.+ M.Sc.) Physics, 9860-Electronic Media (EM)Dual Degree CourseNational Level Institutes All Govt institutions
64 Integrated Master of Technology9925-Applied Geology, 9926-Applied Geophysics, 9927-Electronics(Specialization Embedded Systems), 9922-Geological Technology, 9923-Geophysical Technology, 9920-Integrated B. Tech.(IT) and M. Tech (IT), 9921-Integrated B. Tech.(IT) and MBA, 9928-Internet of Things(IoT), 9929-M Tech ( Energy Management), 9924-Mathematics and Computing, 23464-Mathematics and Data ScienceDual Degree CourseNational Level Institutes All Govt institutions
65 Intregated MBA12262-MBA (Business Administration), 12491-Tourism -MBA(T)Dual Degree CourseDirectorate of Technical Educationok
66 MBBS9001-MBBSGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Medical EducationAll GOI Institutes ,All State Govt and Private institutions of MP
67 POLYTECHNIC DIPLOMA (12th basis) 7200-Applied Videography, 7201-Beauty Culture & Cosmetics, 7207-Modern Office ManagementDiploma CoursesDirectorate of Technical EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh
68 SCVT(ITI)11135-Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (SCVT), 11648-Solar Technician(Electrical)ITI CourseDirectorate of Skill DevelopmentDTE LtNo: 258 dt: 09.08.12
69 Shastri1606-Falit Jyotish, 1605-Navyavyakaran, 2039-Nyay Darshan, 1603-Sahitya, 1604-Shukla Yajurved, 1607-Siddhant JyotishGraduation CoursesDirectorate of Higher EducationOnly Govt. Colleges of Madhaya Pradesh