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H.E.D. Department
Total Institutes
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Students Benefitted
Total Benefit Amount Disbursed
S.No.DistrictDepartmentInstitute TypeInstitute LevelTotal ApplicationsTotal Benefitted StudentsTotal MMVY Benefit Amount DisbursedApplicants
1 BHOPALHigher Education17181-Institute for Excellence in Higher Educaiton, BhopalState Govt.State Level1997172123138590
2 INDOREHigher Education16385-Govt Holkar Science College, IndoreState Govt.State Level3674138615926050
3 JABALPURHigher Education16443-Govt M H College of Home Science and Science for Women, JabalpurState Govt.State Level1704162013769554
4 JABALPURHigher Education16138-Sant Aloysious CollegePrivateState Level6055649849220
5 BHOPALHigher Education16595-The Bhopal School of Social Sciences (B.S.S.S.)PrivateState Level2962499426658
6 BHOPALHigher Education16501-Govt Sarojini Naidu Girls P G College, BhopalState Govt.State Level15459995475688
7 INDOREHigher Education16630-P.M.B. Gujarati Science CollegePrivateState Level3663234770360
8 BHOPALHigher Education16011-Govt Adarsh Motilal Vigyan Mahavidyalaya, BhopalState Govt.State Level123610654364143
9 BALAGHATHigher Education16309-Govt Jatashankar Trivedi College, BalaghatState Govt.State Level10759224220846
10 SATNAHigher Education16095-Govt P G College SatnaState Govt.State Level116810974136195
11 INDOREHigher Education16222-Shri Atal Bihari Vajpai Govt Arts and Commerce College, IndoreState Govt.State Level151110934103266
12 REWAHigher Education16098-Govt Adarsh Science College RewaState Govt.State Level109110554087429
13 MANDSAURHigher Education16400-Govt P G College, MandsaurState Govt.State Level134312203973484
14 BHOPALHigher Education16538-Govt M L B Girls P G College, BhopalState Govt.State Level14469453909465
15 GWALIORHigher Education16353-Govt Kamlaraje Girls P G College, GwaliorState Govt.State Level118010303502109
16 BHOPALHigher Education16047-Govt Gitanjali Girls P G College, BhopalState Govt.State Level8787493397794
17 BETULHigher Education16362-Govt Jaywanti Haksar P G College BetulState Govt.State Level9538383397423
18 REWAHigher Education16542-Govt Thakur Ranmat Singh College, RewaAutonomousState Level12273353376576
19 BHOPALHigher Education16421-Satya Sai Arts Science CollegePrivateState Level1131123254000
20 BHOPALHigher Education16478-Govt Arts and Commerce College, Malviya Hostel, BhopalState Govt.State Level5095013192221
21 SHAJAPURHigher Education16035-Govt Jawaharlal Nehru Smrati College, ShujalpurState Govt.State Level6926582999686
22 JABALPURHigher Education16273-Govt Mahakaushal Arts Commerce CollegeState Govt.State Level7646032797303
23 INDOREHigher Education16863-Govt Law College, IndoreState Govt.State Level1461362729680
24 INDOREHigher Education16175-P M B Gujarati Comm CollegePrivateState Level3222672691000
25 INDOREHigher Education16215-Govt Nirbhay Singh Patel Science College, IndoreState Govt.State Level4863702651720
26 JABALPURHigher Education16244-Govt Science College, JabalpurState Govt.State Level17195102650045
27 CHHINDWARAHigher Education16299-Govt P G College, ChhindwaraState Govt.State Level7076452644986
28 GWALIORHigher Education16278-Govt Adarsh Science College, GwaliorState Govt.State Level8885272569927
29 INDOREHigher Education16483-Govt Mata Jija Bai Girls P G College, Moti Tabela, IndoreState Govt.State Level5675222306480
30 BURHANPURHigher Education16177-Seva Sadan CollegePrivateState Level1651632300600
31 GUNAHigher Education16481-Govt P G College, GunaState Govt.State Level11808572261842
32 DAMOHHigher Education16072-Govt Kamla Nehru Girls College DamohState Govt.State Level9948452166310
33 HOSHANGABADHigher Education16488-Govt Narmada College, HoshangabadState Govt.State Level5965882162974
34 KATNIHigher Education16140-Govt Girls College, KatniState Govt.State Level4564452109171
35 SAGARHigher Education16290-Govt Girls P G College, SagarState Govt.State Level12317422097104
36 SEHOREHigher Education16637-Chandra Shekhar Azad Govt Lead College, SehoreState Govt.State Level6754992015664
37 RATLAMHigher Education16019-Govt Arts and Science P G College, RatlamState Govt.State Level4303941955145
38 KHANDWAHigher Education16302-Govt Shri Nilkantheshwar P G College KhandwaState Govt.State Level3723411789793
39 CHHATARPURHigher Education16016-Govt Maharaja College, ChhatarpurState Govt.State Level11969591748518
40 KATNIHigher Education16108-Govt Tilak College, KatniState Govt.State Level2862741639380
41 GWALIORHigher Education16188-Govt M L B Arts and Commerce College, GwaliorState Govt.State Level5693301618070
42 SEHOREHigher Education16032-Govt College, AshtaState Govt.State Level3323161600024
43 JABALPURHigher Education16729-Govt M K B Arts and Commerce College, JabalpurState Govt.State Level8233861488417
44 DAMOHHigher Education16216-Govt P G College DamohState Govt.State Level6636001414147
45 RAJGARHHigher Education16126-Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Govt College BioraState Govt.State Level4604211375966
46 NEEMUCHHigher Education16498-Govt Sitaram Jaju Girls College, NeemuchState Govt.State Level4654521372209
47 SAGARHigher Education16355-Govt Arts and Commerce College, SagarState Govt.State Level5675281354090
48 KHANDWAHigher Education16185-Govt Girls College KhandwaState Govt.State Level2892741348774
49 BHOPALHigher Education16668-Sadhu Vaswani CollegePrivateState Level89771323000
50 SAGARHigher Education16442-Govt College, GadhakotaState Govt.State Level2822561290244