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S.No.DistrictDepartmentInstitute TypeInstitute LevelTotal ApplicationsTotal Benefitted StudentsTotal MMVY Benefit Amount DisbursedApplicants
1 BHOPALMinistry of Human Resourse Department51005-M. A. N. I. T. BhopalCentral Govt.National Level18016011261475
2 BHOPALDepartment of AYUSH39101-Govt Pt. Khushi lal sharma, autonomus ayurved mahavidhayala &sansthan,BhopalState Govt.State Level1212956370
3 GWALIORMinistry of Human Resourse Department51021-IIIT, Inidian Institute Of Information Technology & Management, GwaliorCentral Govt.National Level1414830800
4 INDOREUniversity Teaching Departments51029-School of Computer Science And Information Technology (SCSIT), DAVV, IndoreGovt. UTDState Level1717686985
5 JABALPURAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51090-College of Agriculture Engg., JabalpurState Govt.State Level3636646844
6 REWADirectorate of Animal Husbandry51285-College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry,RewaState Govt.State Level1913577694
7 REWADepartment of AYUSH39106-Govt Autonomus Ayurved Mahavidhayala RewaState Govt.State Level88483000
8 BHOPALNational Level Institutes 51015-School of Planning and Architecture, BhopalState Govt.National Level55471500
9 BHOPALNational Level Institutes 51002-Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied NutritionCentral Govt.National Level77438700
10 REWAAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51064-College of Agriculture, RewaState Govt.State Level1414420988
11 SEHOREAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51095-College of Agriculture, SehoreState Govt.State Level1515365150
12 INDOREDirectorate of Medical Education39006-MGM Medical College IndoreState Govt.State Level1313364000
13 BHOPALDepartment of AYUSH39133-Govt autonomus Hakim Sayyad Jiyaul Hashan Unani mahavidhayala BhopalState Govt.State Level98350395
14 GWALIORAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51093-College of Agriculture, GwaliorState Govt.State Level1818344200
15 BHOPALUniversity Teaching Departments51131-School of LEGAL STUDIES & RESEARCH, Barkatullah University, BhopalGovt. UTDState Level1514294000
16 HOSHANGABADAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51098-College of Agriculture,Pawarkheda(Hoshangabad)State Govt.State Level88257500
17 BHOPALDepartment of AYUSH39114-Govt autonomus Homeopathy mahavidhayala BhopalState Govt.State Level113251250
18 JABALPURAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51086-College of Agriculture, JabalpurState Govt.State Level1111241878
19 KHANDWAAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51096-College of Agriculture,KhandwaState Govt.State Level76230110
20 JABALPURDirectorate of Animal Husbandry51284-College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandary,JabalpurState Govt.State Level55212190
21 UJJAINUniversity Teaching Departments51123-School of Studies In Institute of Pharmacy , Vikram University UjjainGovt. UTDState Level55200105
22 VIDISHAAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51088-College of Agriculture, GanjbasodaState Govt.State Level76167610
23 MANDSAURAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51097-College of Horticulture,MandsaurState Govt.State Level44166535
24 BALAGHATAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51089-College of Agriculture, WaraseoniState Govt.State Level147164922
25 New DelhiNational Level Institutes 60450-NETAJI SHUBHAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, NEW DELHICentral Govt.National Level11150000
26 MandiDirectorate of Technical Education59015-Indian Institute of Technology MandiCentral Govt.National Level53133549
27 INDOREUniversity Teaching Departments51057-Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC), DAVV, IndoreGovt. UTDState Level44113811
28 INDOREDirectorate of Animal Husbandry51286-College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandury MhowState Govt.State Level6288500
29 INDOREUniversity Teaching Departments51037-School of Law (LAW), DAVV, IndoreGovt. UTDState Level5280000
30 INDOREUniversity Teaching Departments51028-School of Commerce (COMMERCE), DAVV, IndoreGovt. UTDState Level2264466
31 GWALIORNational Level Institutes 51019-IITTM, Indian Institute Of Tourism & Travel Management, GwaliorCentral Govt.National Level1159500
32 KurukshetraDirectorate of Technical Education59044-National Institute of Technology KurukshetraCentral Govt.National Level1118500
33 UJJAINUniversity Teaching Departments51122-School of Studies In Computer Science , Vikram University UjjainGovt. UTDState Level1117021
34 INDOREAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51094-College of Agriculture, IndoreState Govt.State Level1112000
35 TIKAMGARHAgriculture Development Department, Govt of MP51087-College of Agriculture, TikamgarhState Govt.State Level1200
36 INDOREUniversity Teaching Departments51041-School of Pharmacy (PHARMACY), DAVV, IndoreGovt. UTDState Level400
37 INDOREUniversity Teaching Departments51036-School of Journalism & Mass Communication (SJMC), DAVV, IndoreGovt. UTDState Level100
38 JABALPURUniversity Teaching Departments51062-Rani Durgavati University, JabalpurGovt. UTDState Level600
39 REWAUniversity Teaching Departments51065-Awadhesh Pratap Singh (APS) University, RewaGovt. UTDState Level100
40 UJJAINDepartment of AYUSH39107-Govt autonomus ayurved mahavidhayala UjjainState Govt.State Level1500
41 INDOREPrivate Universities49135-Medi-Caps UniversityPrivate UTDState Level1300
43 SHIVPURIPrivate Universities50001-FACULTY OF ENGINEERING (P.K.University)Private UTDState Level100
44 JABALPURDirectorate of Medical Education39009-Govt. NSCB Medical College JabalpurState Govt.State Level200
45 GWALIORDepartment of AYUSH39103-Govt autonomus ayurved mahavidhayala GwaliourState Govt.State Level600
46 INDOREDepartment of AYUSH39104-Govt autonomus ashtang ayurved mahavidhayala IndorState Govt.State Level100
47 BHOPALUniversity Teaching Departments51251-Faculty of Basic Science, ABVHV BhopalGovt. UTDState Level200
48 BHOPALUniversity Teaching Departments51252-Faculty of Arts, ABVHV BhopalGovt. UTDState Level400
49 JABALPURDirectorate of Animal Husbandry51283-College of fisheries Science,JabalpurState Govt.State Level700
50 SouthDirectorate of Technical Education59064-National Institute of Technology SikkimCentral Govt.National Level100